How to maintain good nails

Maintaining good nails requires more time and effort than we think. Many women will apply a hand cream every morning and will polish their nails and you believe that this care is sufficient because seemingly a few elegant and nice hands are seen, but it is not like that.

maintain good nails

The hands and, especially, the nails need attention. To keep them maintained, here share some useful homemade beauty tricks. Pay attention.

Moisturizer: Nails, in the same way that the hands need to be hydrated. For this, we recommend you apply a special cream for nails every morning and every night. If you do not want to spend money on nail cosmetics, almond oil also serves as a moisturizer.

Lemon juice: To achieve that the fingernails you shine and turn out to be healthy we recommend to you to put to immerse the fingernails in lemon juice or grate the lemon and scrubbing it with nails. If you do it daily you will notice how your nail polishing.

Olive oil: another home remedy is the use of olive oil. On the one hand, it will help moisturize your nails. A good trick is to dip your nails every night in a pot of olive oil and dry them carefully without rubbing. You will see how the scales disappear and nails hydrated. Moreover, olive oil is an excellent polish remover. Instead of using acetone that dries out and damages the nail, recommend using oil-based polish remover. However, do not use the nail polish remover more than twice a month because it weakens the nails.

Milk: Another way to maintain the good condition of the nails is taking much milk to ensure a good dose of calcium and, this way, you will manage to harden the nails and will avoid so much white spots that sometimes form as well as that break.

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