Military style – a hot fashion trend for autumn

Summer is nearly over and autumn approaches with huge steps. It is therefore a good idea to take a little time and think of the right outfit for the upcoming cold time of the year. Since every season requires us to wear the according outfit in terms of material, cut and color there are certain things one should keep in mind when looking for the right style.

military watches

Firstly, clothes for autumn should keep you warm. Especially in late autumn, temperatures can drop to a very low level. Practical, yet stylish, garments which include hoods and are waterproof as well as breathable are therefore the right choice. In terms of style and colors, this season sees the return of camouflage patterns and military clothes. This is not to say that you should dress like a soldier, but wearing a jacket or U-Boat watches is definitely a good choice concerning hipness and style.

Camouflage patterns in various colors
Military outfits are surprisingly versatile in terms of patterns and colors. They do not just come in the most common green and brown designs but rather in various different combinations of colors. This makes it rather easy to pick out your favorite design.

Among the most popular military patterns are the following:

  • Desert style
    A combination of various yellowish and brownish colors to match the colors of a desert.
  • Ice style
    Cold colors like different shades of blue and grey as well as black create the impression of cold and ice.
  • Mountain style
    This style consists of colors like grey, black and green to mimic the colors of rocks and boulders.

Keep in mind that not only clothes but also accessories are available in camouflage patterns. Caps, scarfs or watches as the perfect accessory are therefore nearly a must-have this autumn.

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