More and more professionals who are surrender to the simplicity and naturalness of this style. Since appearing in the mid-80s, minimal has become one of the most copied trends by celebrities. Both in fashion and in makeup, this particular look wins more than ever. Discover their secrets below.

minimal look

Minimal: its strengths
Black, white, gray or beige are the basic colors that give life to the minimalist fashion. Always on straight lines and comfort as an ally, the clothes that accommodate this style are characterized by its simplicity. Ideal for women most cosmopolitan and modern, minimal look becomes preferred by the working girls.

Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Armani are some of the great designers who always opt for garments to include this style in their collections. An elegant, sophisticated and classic look based on the scarcity of small details, such as accessories, belts and brooches. The result? A simple cut fashion, relentless and prints.

First of all, naturally
If your outfit is characterized by simplicity and sobriety, when choosing a makeup that complements, we bet on one to help us highlight our natural beauty.

For the day, make up your eyes in soft colors, as nude or the range of earthy tones. With a little mascara is more than enough to accentuate the look. Highlight your femininity with passionate red lips. If you are daring, join the latest craze for this look, and commitment orange tones.

For evening, nothing more elegant than a smoky look with glam shades, like a subtle silver or metallic green. Balance your look with fresh and juicy lips with clear gloss makeup only.

Complete the look
To achieve a minimal total look is important to take care of every detail. Therefore, the choice of hairstyle is keys to making your style. If a player picked in this trend that is none other than a tight bun and stuck to her head. Always above the neck and waxed, this hairstyle will help you to get that characteristic of the minimal touch of masculinity.

Another classic that always works is perfectly smooth and fully marked parted hair. Last thing? A square hair to shoulder height.

And if you want to add to your style a personal touch, nothing likes betting on a spectacular water waves. Marking and defined, this hairstyle is minimal trend with a pinch of femininity.

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