Office hairstyles: Sweeps at work!

Every morning the same ordeal: what do I do with my hair? Easy and fast, then show you three simple hairstyles for which you can bet to go to work every day. Follow our advice, and office premiere hair!

Low Ponytail
The ponytails are more fashionable than ever this season. Ideal for the coming time, help us get a cool hairstyle before the heat of summer. For Office, not at all more working girl than a stylish ponytail collection at the height of the neck.

office hairstyles

Brush all your hair well and draws the line to one side to soften your features and counteract the formal image that gives us this collected. Apply some hair gel by the comb and pass by the front strands to mark well the line and help set the hair. Thus, get a more rigid to help us show off a more sophisticated pinnate.

Collect all the hair to the nape of the neck. You can do both at the center and set aside. Leave a stray strand to wind the rubber band and prevent display. Accompanies this hairstyle of a light makeup and in soft tones. Triumph!

Smooth seductive
Long smooth hair is a classic that never fail to get a more formal and serious look. For a hairstyle intact, used a dryer and paddle brush broadband to remove moisture to the hair while you give the desired shape.

office hairstyles

To prevent frizz and get a table effect, using the iron. Spray before some heat protector all over the hair to protect it from excessive heat. Divide hair into several sections and iron strand to strand.

To finish, add the finishing touch with a brilliant wet effect. It uses a hair gel wet effect and distributes it throughout the hair from root to tip. Dazzle!

Curled ponytail
In its many versions, the queue is reinvented every season. The latest trend is to go for the curled ponytail. High, as Elsa Pataky, or the nape of the neck, this hairstyle will add a personal note to your look.

office hairstyles

Comb your all hair well and pick it up so that it is taut. Commitment to the stripe in the middle to add seriousness touch of to your hairstyle. A professional trick that you escape any little hair is moistened with a little water the root zone and thus facilitates pickup.

Change the normal version of your queue collecting tips with the same rubber band you just used. Remember to leave a lock out to cover it.

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