The sports fashion at your feet!

Between your basic seasons not forget to grab multicolor sneakers. The sport footwear became fashionable outside the gym!

sports fashion

If you are the heels fleeing the weekend and all week after being forced to get on the heights looking for the most comfortable for your feet, you’re in luck. The world of footwear is experiencing a revolution.

Back has been the fashion of vertiginous heels. The proposed sport shoes more urbanite asphalt assault and escapes the gym world. This spring you won’t have to look for an excuse to outplay your sports, fashion encourages them and the more daring better.

First came the sneakers and now, no punches or centimeters camouflaged, footwear that devastates this season are sporting. Even Zara has reserved a space for this so small footwear: refined?

The sporty style is no longer reserved for those times called “getting in shape” and need not be expected to put on sport fashion sneakers. Check sneaker release dates…..

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