Revolution tweed: Discover the fabric of the season!

Never before had a tissue become a must for both the style and sport more informal style as for the more sophisticated and elegant style. This winter garments are marked by the tweed: a quilt that shouldn’t be missing from your wardrobe and can combine with a wide range of possibilities.

tweed style

The tweed is much more than a simple fabric made of wool. Its irregular texture, its soft touch and its colors contrast manage to become the favorite of the great designers.

Along with the blazer, jacket tweed is a basic that you can not miss. By day, you choose to wear it with a pair of jeans or straws in soft color (white, cream, beige…). At night, add it to your festive dresses or to your peplums skirts. Its design notching and above the hip, makes it a must for this type of clothing where enhancing the curves, and the female silhouette.

New forms
The tweed knows no forms and is added to all kinds of jackets. You will see how every time there are more the exterior parts that are completed by small touches in tweed, in pockets, collar or sleeves. But, eye! that not fooled the view, because wool is not everything it seems. The tissue it of the season, also makes print.

Nevertheless, not only of the jackets the tweed takes possession. Garments, skirts, shorts or overcoats triumph in this tissue. So successful is that reaches this fabric as footwear, handbags and even accessories, hats and belts, have already fallen surrendered to its feet.

A fabric that can be monochrome or combine a wide variety of colors in a single garment: from classic combinations as white and black, to colorful tweed that mix as diverse as blue, green or red tones. Commitment for smooth tweeds for dresses and suits jacket with skirt tube, the basic one to achieve such a valued lady style. It opts for more daring mixtures of colors for pants or jackets.

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