Spring dressed according to your silhouette

The spring alters the blood and the dresses are invading us and challenge us to look leg. Female garment by excellence; do you want to know what is the model of perfect dress to enhance your silhouette?

Feminine, comfortable, seductive … the dress is a garment that falls on its own. Depending on the tissue, the lines, the color … the effects produced on the image and on the figure varies.

With flight, tight, short empire, halter neck, with buttons, long midiā€¦ countless models ready to conquer our wardrobe, but what is really the right dress for my figure?

To find the answer we must pay attention to our silhouette. The figure and our mission to neutralize or enhance a particular part of the body will help us in the election.

So you ready to learn the tricks of styling to find the perfect spring dress?

Hourglass Silhouette
If you are provided, shoulders aligned with your hips and waists, Congratulations! Your silhouette accepts any type of dress. However, the image you want to project design will condition or another.

hourglass silhouette

Objective: To enhance the curves
Plan: You favor any model. In the daytime frames your waist with a belt model. Night power your curves changing them in a sheath dress.

Triangle Silhouette
If your shoulders are narrower than your hips, do not worry. To harmonize your figure chooses structured dresses in the top and bottom straight lines.

triangle silhouette

Objective: To neutralize the hips
Plan: In the day chooses sixties cut dresses with body tissue. At night, pencil dress in black color and without color contrast will provide gracefulness.

Inverted Triangle Silhouette
If unlike previous your shoulders are wider than your hips, the target changes.

inverted triangle silhouette

Objective: smooth shoulders
Plan: Power your hips with structured dresses with skirts. By day, flight model. At night, choose sinuous dresses.

Rectangular Silhouette
If your shoulders and hips are aligned and your waist is not defined, quiet. Waisted dresses will be your allies.

rectangular silhouette

Objective: To define waist
Plan: Dresses with cut at the waist and tight. By day opt for a voluminous skirt dress. At night choose tightest dress with belt.

Oval Silhouette
If your figure tends to the roundness and the sinuous, quiet, opt for dresses that will provide structured and slenderness.

oval silhouette

Objective: Structuring the curves
Plan: Choose garments with vertical lines and tissues and weight fall. By day, the dress cutting sixties promote you as well as structured dresses. At night, a more tailored model.

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