To protect from the sun without sacrificing the elegance and glamor, comes the perfect complement is increasingly more adept. The hat, in all its versions, it becomes an essential summer unable to reject during the hottest days. Become a real summer girl and boasts style.

summer hat

The vintage trend has rescued the memory lane of the accessories with more personality and originality. Especially in these months of high temperatures, the hat will help you put this to your chic style that will not go unnoticed.

Do not think that it is only suitable complement for the beach or pool, because this season hats worn to walk down the street. Courage and boldness are the only requirements to make with it. Do you dare to wear it?

The great advantage of this supplement is that there is a wide variety of ways. Find the one that suits you is only a matter of taste. Of course, the arrival of summer sets clear rules: no dark colors and fabrics. This season, the tide changed.

To taste the colors
The style Al Capone, fedora type hats to help you add a masculine air to your look. Look for them with colorful ribbons and bring them back with more leaning backwards.

The bowler type hats began to make all the rage among the more youthful fashion. The more indie style the retrieves but with an important feature: they are almost vertically, leaving all the face uncovered.

The Borsalino was the star of last summer. Printed or plain, its particular favor gets all kinds of faces. Is it more feminine? Take them with bows or floral embellishments side.

But of them all, this season brimmed hat stands triumphant. The key? Over the larger elegant. Remembering brimmed typical 80s, this supplement is reinvented sandpipers materials such as raffia, reeds or even straw. Are you going to be without it?

If you are daring and like to draw attention, cowboy type hats become your summer choice. 100% flattering choose them embellished with colored stones. Secured trends!

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