Styling tips: Styled bowlegs

The woman’s legs never go unnoticed and are criticized for ourselves. That if I’d like to have them longer, than if I have a few wide thighs, that if I have them close together or too separate… However, enough to put into practice the styling tricks for styling your legs to return to love them.

styled bowlegs

Do not torments, not overwhelmed or frustrated, just have to recognize what is our goal and an alliance with the appropriate ones to get the most out of our body.

This time, we focus all attention to bowed legs that make our hips are wider. This requires applying the tactic of diverting attention How? Enhancing shoulders.

Wearing puffed sleeves or sleeve mounted, shoulder pads and sinuous lines, details and beading on shoulder area will help you to gain structure in the top part.

But what about the legs? The purpose of this zone is to neutralize and for this we must avoid too tight clothes. Opt for pants linearly with straight termination and avoid skinny jeans.

styled bowlegs

The palazzo pants or tailor version will provide you with linearity and its will stylize your legs. If you combine it well with good heels you will be much higher.

As for skirts, pencil version is an infallible pledge that never fails. Yes, avoid models with lycra and commitment of those straight lines. You must go in search of little winding and more structured garments. It flees from the miniskirts and chooses a long just by the knee or slightly above.

When choosing prints, commitment to those without color contrasts. The best colors are dark and dull to avoid gaining volume.

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