Summer Beauty Tips

To look and feel good about yourself, then show you some practical beauty tips. Get the most out of your makeup kit and boasts face this summer.

summer beauty tips

Lip rouge
The red color is infallible to succeed in our makeup either winter or summer. Seductive and very feminine, this tone takes over our lips both day and night. But what shade of red is the most in our favor?

Tanned skin: If you can boast of having a completely tanned skin, bets on the warmer red port a flattering copper tone.

Golden skin: If your skin is beginning to feel the effects of the summer sun, team up with the brightest reds to boast of extra bright lips. If you prefer, you can also add to your vanity with a small orange-red or golden hues. Ideal for the night!

Clear skin: if by plenty of sun that take your skin still does not get some color, you should bet on red version colder. The shades of plum, wine or burgundy are your must-have this summer.

The perfect blush
To always assume a healthy, radiant face, there is no better ally than the blush. Since recommend that you include in your makeup kit a blush pink: undoubtedly the palette color flattering to give life to your cheeks.

If your skin is still no tan, team up with the lighter shade of this color. If your skin tone is intermediate, bet on a brownish pink. If your skin is dark, highlights your cheekbones with a spectacular fuchsia.

Compact powder or rouge: In this case, you must choose a rounded brush-cut and very dense. Apply the powder with small pat and blend the blusher ever from the center of the cheekbone toward the temples.

Foundation: Team up with a brush thinner flat pointed end to more easily apply the product in all areas of the face. Remember always apply makeup from the center outward and upward strokes to make the product perfectly cover your skin.

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