The best shades for your skin

Sand and sun, blue sea … so far everything perfect. But the beach summer night’s city makeup looks not going with us, so it’s time to learn the tricks to get a summer-style look.

beach makeup

Plan to spend a holiday in a coastal paradise … The hot season gives way to color and new styles. And the makeup is no exception. It is recharged aside to welcome a look more natural but equally beautiful and exotic.

Start investing in makeup that combines with the summer and high temperatures, because the intense sun and hot weather makes you need other types of products. It is essential to have a foundation with sunscreen base for many outdoor walks, thus you will look beautiful while avoiding the spots caused by the sun.

If you are one of those that can not walk on the beach without impact of eyelashes it happens to you to choose color mask, rather prefer transparent versions, fully chords for the moment. Nothing of dark shadows, choose shades that provide light as the golden or lighter colors.

Bronzing powders are the allies of the season making our face look bright and shining inside and outside of the beach. For the lip gloss prefer light colors like pink or apricot that will give you a much more natural touch.

You know … Get ready to shine through with a decent summer makeup, get your beauty to shine and conquer all eyes.

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