In recent times, with the crisis, the value of the precious metals, i.e., gold and silver, has grown like wildfire.

silver jewelry

In many cases there who has believed that silver was for those who could not afford jewelry of gold and diamonds, but it is not like that a good piece of silver is not cheap, its design can be very labor and timeless. This material also withstands the test of time much better than textile collections and is revalued over time.

Silver has been used for making jewelry since antiquity, in same prehistory and already mentioned in the biblical Genesis. With the first working techniques of the Iron Age it is already possible to speak about the embossed one and the filigree in gold and silver.

The fact that is appreciated is also related to its scarcity in nature, as pure silver or native is hard to find and thus partly extracted from the compound found in minerals such as argentite, cerargyrite, silver horn and even lead or copper.

It tries that the silver not goes out of fashion is its use and its color trend this summer. Also not necessary in times of winter or in the New Year’s Eve although it is only in the makeup, as this basic shade of Dior.

On the other hand signatures of luxury and international prestige like Gucci have a fixed space for the silver with most original designs: presented its latest collection bamboo silver where we can see this metal creations combined with bamboo and a palladium bath.

silver jewelry

Tiffany & Co also has numerous pieces of silver from its chains, padlocks and famous bottles up to silver jewelry who dare to hold any gem and even desired diamonds.

So do not hesitate any more and moved out to walk your silver jewelry: nice, modern or sophisticated, beautiful and also look great with the tan.

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