The color invades your eyes

When make-up, eyes become our best allies in order to become the center of attention. Do not just apply yourself without the shade of color on the eyelids. Read on and discover the many possibilities of making up our eyes. Look carefully and you do not miss anything!

color invades your eyes

Eyes marked with shadows
It is one of the forms more in applying our shadows during this season. It will help to give a warm and sensual to your face. The trick is not just to paint the eyelids with shadows, but also under the line of the lower lashes.

Use a brush to gradually give the thickness you want. To finish, enhances your color in the outer corner. Do not forget to delineate them on the inside and apply yourself good mascara. Try it with soft colors like champagne or electrifying colors as the metallic gray.

Pastel Eye: romantic or minimalist look?
The newest trend is combined with the colors that ravage on the catwalks. It depends on how and what colors you can use to get a sophisticated and elegant look or stunning and striking eyes. For a romantic effect, opt for shades of green and turquoise very faded from the tear or from the middle of the eye outward.

If, however, you prefer to catch the attention of all, go for cool tones like ivory, silver or white, and apply them with geometric lines that fit perfectly with the minimal look.

Eyes with much pop
If you want to emphasize your eyes and highlight the gaze bet by electrical colors: blue, green, red and yellow in its most vibrant and monochrome version. To achieve this effect, apply a single color shade around the eyelid without blurring it. So, you will realize that the result is more striking. Later, trace the black eyeliner only on the upper lash line.

Cat eyes
Go back a few years ago and take on this look inspired by the 80s: the smoky effect. To do this, you just have to compare two or more tones. To begin, apply the lightest shade in the inner eyelid and intensifying it outwards, stretching well shadows towards the temple. It ends up outlining your eyes with black kohl. For a more striking touch, enlightens the tear duct in gold or silver.

Mask of colors
As used shadows of all colors to our eyelids, now we can do the same with our eyelashes. Masks become in its most flattering: Klein blue, leaf green, deep purple, burgundy … Use them for special effects in your lashes.

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