The Dress Code for the return to work

We help you analyze the style you take when autumn comes into our lives, we help you learn about new trends and, above all, we help you to know what to wear for the dreaded return to routine. This is the Dress Code for returning to work.

dress code

Everything costs. And especially the first week. Back to get in tune requires a lot of discipline and organization and after so many weeks without stepping on the official. But from us, we want you to come through the front door and not have to worry about the previous night by the dreaded what I wear tomorrow.

Thus, we bring you a selection of looks with which inspire and make references that take future trends in autumn and winter. Little remains for to begin the new season, but as we are still in the summer, you will see that we have selected by and for you chilly clothes and comfortable garments to hold the last heats.

dress code

Just do not forget to not leave home without jacket to cover you a little. Because as we know, in the air-conditioned offices are always full. And this dangerous practice can bring more than a cold. So opt for the comfort, dependability but never lose your personality. This year, the return to work will be much more bearable!

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