The more feminine tuxedo

Again, masculine cut garments become fully adapted to reinvent the female body. First were the classic suit jacket, and now, the tuxedo ready to emerge again another season. Here we discover the keys to look this garment in the most elegant and feminine.

feminine tuxedo

Although it may seem like a completely male garment, the truth is that it is the most sophisticated and glamorous. It is only necessary to know how to combine it and what are its secrets for not failing in the attempt. Take paper and pen, and points!

The Tuxedo: a girl thing
Both day and night, the female tuxedo touch down with force in the fashion world. This is an extremely sexy garment that will help us to provide to our elegant outfits the point that we need.

This masculine attire changes its ways to present what will be one of the star items of the season. Recognize this type of jacket to wear as distinct peak lapels. The length of the jacket can be quite varied, from three-quarters to waitress type, single waist.

Of course, do not change colors: white and black, or both combined, make up the basic tone of this piece.

Authentic tuxedo
To complete your look, the choice of shirt is essential. To succeed, turn to ally with white and black, but this time takes a 360 degree turn your blouses adding a feminine touch that contrasts with the masculine cut jacket.

Ties are carried: XXL, satin, velvet … but always stuck its neck. To avoid losing any of inspiration male looking collared shirts. The key is to show it off completely buttoned from the first to the last button.

feminine tuxedo

To get a 100% male tuxedo, try to wear your jacket and shirt with a pair of straight shot. For a more feminine touch, team up with classic skinny pants. But if what you want is to dazzle and bring out your side more glamorous, combining these items with striking gloss black leggings. Add an ultra feminine touch with red lips and XXL eyelashes.

New Ways
The great fashion professionals have been proposed to add an extra touch of femininity to this piece with new colors and shades. From the wide range of pinks, to deep red, to bright citrus colors, tuxedo jacket becomes irresistible to any of us.

Whatever your choice of color, which is guaranteed is that you will achieve your looks bring a dose of elegance and sensuality with this piece of masculine cut. Grab it!

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