The dry and chapped lips usually have a simple cause and an equally simple solution. Effective and affordable relief for chapped lips can be as simple as changing your habits and reaching the appropriate home remedy. Read these tips to treat and prevent chapped lips.

chapped lips

There are several things that can cause chapped lips. Most often the major cause is dryness. And external factors, such as weather, are to blame for this feeling. But occasionally there are more serious causes for persistent chapped lips, which may be allergies or inflammation of the skin. If your chapped lips do not disappear through the use of lip balm, you should visit your dermatologist to see if it is a more serious medical condition.

These tips will help you treat and prevent chapped lips:

Stay hydrated: The lips were dry and cracked can be a sign that you are not drinking enough water.

Use lip products with a sun protection factor (SPF): These help protect against sun damage, which can lead to chapped lips.

Do not lamas lips: People sometimes lick their lips to reduce the feeling of dry lips, but the saliva actually worsens the situation. This becomes a vicious circle, as nail biting.

Do not exfoliate: This beauty practice is not necessary for the lips. Exfoliation can cause dry lips, feel even more uncomfortable.

Remember to go with the basics when it comes to moisturize. The best option is a lip balm with a base of Petrolatum or paraffin, which can keep moisture on the lips, protect them against external elements, and give them time to heal.

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