Tips to increase the volume of your hair

Having straight hair often compromises the volume of our hair. We know, that’s why we give you some tips to help you show off volume of your hair.

increase hair volume

Many girls with smooth or straight hair complain about the lack of volume of this type of hair, which constantly require care to not always look lumpy. Fortunately there are several simple solutions to this problem, which will help to increase the volume and look fantastic.

First start by ally with a good cut that allows you to give extra volume to your hair without the need for further efforts. Ask your hairdresser to recommend the best options according to your hair type and face.

Once you leave your bath, dry your hair with your head down and to the dryer pointing to the roots. This simple beauty tips will help you improve a lot the volume of your hair. If you also stretch your hair, it is recommended that you do it with a round brush and that once crowning moments, follow the previous step.

Change hairstyle frequently is also a good way to give volume to your hair with little effort. If you always like normal comb the hair to get used to that line, but if one day you use parted in the middle, right side another day, another the left, you will see how to get each hairstyle to keep the volume of your hair.

Remember also that it is not good to abuse the conditioner and it is important to rinse it thoroughly before leaving the bathroom.

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