Tips to look splendid and hide the extra kilos

The beauty is beyond kilos more a matter of attitude, which does not fit the complex, so to get right, and conquer everything we want, without guilt. Here we leave some advice that can be very useful.

look splendid

If you feel your body has a tiny waist, it is best to use wide belts and if you possess some extra kilos can take advantage of those who are not quite narrow as well hide the extra kilos. In these cases prefers baggy blouses or splendid clothing, anything that is tight to the body, and takes the belt, to make a false curve, which will shape your female body.

If you are of short stature, choose thin belts because otherwise tend to shorten your figure much more and do not need to use all loose and airy, clothing that is large can notch, and there is nothing better than it fits well to the area of the bust, arms are loose and that the back between correctly.

Regarding pants well than being straight, the knee down notched but loose, especially in the upper part.

You have some extra kilos is no reason to hide behind dark colors, be encouraged to wear bright colors, without falling into the hype, wearing bright colors combined with some more sober.

The beauty takes on the attitude, please bear in mind this concept, and see how easy it is to conquer the world.

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