Trend of the moment: Boat Neckline

The summer still has a lot to us, to fall still has time to get there, why, and to take advantage of the last gasps of summer, we bring you the trend that is taking over and it will take until the cold comes: The boat neckline. Do you want to know how to wear it?

boat neckline

Summer has not yet come to an end, and so, we still have good summer outfits with which we enjoy, and that is not we pass or a trend, here’s the newest, it’s not about anything but the famous boat neckline.

It’s a type of neck leaving the shoulders bare, and that is why it is extremely flattering. For many years it has been relegated to wedding gowns to dress the most beautiful brides, but now, turns to bring fully into the world of urban fashion, street.

The pity is that this beautiful trend reaches the end of summer, but we still have time to enjoy it, also know for sure that the coming summer will be continued.

If that was not everything, this trend has crossed the boundaries of the summer, where it tends to be more common, and we have already started to see even sweaters of wool with boat neckline, so that we continue wearing them in winter.

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