Trendsetters looks: Renewed Greek style!

Attention all romantic and sweet girls this spring and summer because imposing a feminine cut and ultra feminine seductive: the Greek look. This season let yourself be enveloped the dressed more steamy and lightweight but with a new variant. Want to find out which one it is? Well read on and take note of all the details to look like a authentic Greek goddess.

greek look

Seemingly straight out of the very Troy film. That’s how we all feel when we look this style that knows no expiration date. Fresco, comfortable and stylish dress garments make us a perfect look for the nights of good weather. This season the classic is reinvented with new colors, textures and shapes. Are you ready to find out?

New winds
Undoubtedly, the arrival of warm weather brings bright colors and full of energy to spread to all the joy it transmits. So how could it be otherwise, the Greek style fall succumbed to the new palette of colors: blue, yellow, fuchsia, green … but beware! Because although it may clash, this time black color dares to try its luck in this classic reinvented.

Not only are the colors the big news in this style, but their textures. They take pleats and chiffon type fabric for a more subtle and light in our outfit. Remember to go for empire waist dresses and long asymmetrical.

Do not forget the new forms: although the neckline one sleeve is the flagship model of this style, remember that we are in the XXI century. Therefore, the Greek look adopts more feminine forms like the sensual Sweetheart neckline.

Complete your look
For a Greek appearance should pay special attention to footwear. Complement your sandals style with many straps or ropes tied to the ankle with studs or small details.

greek look

What is the great novelty of this type of footwear? We say goodbye to flat sandal to welcome the mighty heel that’ll earn a bonus of femininity to our style. It has wide and thick heel to step steadily this season.

An authentic Greek goddess
To complete your look just have a hairstyle like the romantic style that gives the braid headband.

If you prefer a simpler hairstyle you can make yourself, try to make all of your hair with soft waves with the help of tweezers. Then, collect all your hair into a high ponytail: the key is that it is casual and natural. Finally, roll up like a bun and hold it with forks. Try to drop the odd strand to give a sweeter touch to your look.

The final touch put adorning your hair with a thin ribbon of a subtle color, like an elegant gold. You can wear it around the head or forehead. You decide!

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