Although we have not yet discovered this garment is called as already included in most collections and is poised to become a must-season, we unveiled three ways to wear the vest-jacket.

Secure that not are you have overlooked this turn halfway between dress and coat that already has carved a niche among the spring trends. As if it were a blazer when you have removed the sleeves, this new version of the vest is emerging as one of the essential of our summer wishlist.

It is true that we have a very practical garment but will help us to provide the chic styling however, how much of practical and functional has a vest itself? We are facing a trend rather decorative but it never hurts to update a particular outfit.

Zara and Mango have already launched their own version of what we call “vest-jacket”, though some call it sartorial vest, and then unveil three different ways to wear this garment of court with some potential male sensual if we learn to combine and get party.

vest jacket

This version of the vest elegant court can be updated and subtract formality when paired with skinny jeans, a tank top, basic and few wedges. You have to play with more casual accessories.

vest jacket

At night the vest-jacket becomes a very sexy top. Try delivered to it a belted jewel to stylize the figure. Heels and party accessories bring the distinctive touch to this outfit.

vest jacket

Finally, we suggest a very comfortable proposal, feminine but with a very trendy. The vest-jacket is easily combined with a dress and biker boots.

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