What kind of bag you need according to your personality?

Although too many it may seem incredible, fashion and accessories that are able to designate as is the personality of the person wearing them. In this case, we refer entirely to handbags, because from we believe that every woman designates a complement as well as their own personality, and this will help to show it to other people who do it in a completely natural way. How do you know how to recognize a person through your bag? It is simpler than we think.

bag you need

In the case of the form, if a woman always chooses bowling bags, short handle that takes over your forearm and walk in a resolute manner, possibly are talking about with a sweetheart style lady. It tends to be very feminine, and inside find a lipstick to touch up, as is implied flirtation.

Moreover, if we are facing a much bigger handle type bag, it is more likely that it is a very practical woman who spends many hours away from home and need to take many things with it, plus it all under control. This is something that goes with the lifestyle of many women.

Moreover, the party bags or purses give way to a very sophisticated woman mode, it needs few things to take with you, and you always have the essentials on hand.

On the other hand, there are those who leave purse bags handle that leave the complement in question at a height of the hip. These are not too large and tend to belong to more carefree women, with a casual style and less fixed as described above. And you, what kind of purse you carry? Find out!

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