Get a softer arms

With the arrival of warm weather, we all want to get in tune for our skin is in perfect condition at all times. That is, every part of our body has a silky dermis, healthy and beautiful at all times, and do not suffer in any instant.

softer arms

In this case, we look at the beauty and health of our arms. They have been covered throughout the year with sweaters, jackets and long sleeves, but the arrival of spring, which will give way to summer, will get to be on the air every day. For temporary inclement not damage or dry skin, we give you the keys to avoid it.

For starters, we can not forget the hydration. Having always hydrated arms is more complicated, since we are not going to carry a bodymilk in the bag like when we put a small hand cream, but we can bet on it before leaving home. First, buy those shower gels that are not aggressive to the skin and protect it. Later, you can apply a product of the range of gels with cream that many brands are already incorporated into their cosmetics line. This will help you to that effect hydrated dermis if you do not have time to apply yourself the firming cream later.

Later, before dressing apply your body cream. It is important that you do it thoroughly so it is all the area covered, and even if it seems a step that you don’t want, you can not avoid it any day. Do it in the morning and evening, and arise with ad dermis. Then you have to also think exfoliate the area so if you shave your arms or not, because you can get irritations. And to show off a beautiful arms with straps!

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