A Short Informative Guide About Wedding Rings

A ring is basically a type of ornamental jewelry that is worn around the finger. This piece of jewelry is not only worn for personal adornment or as a fashion accessory, but also helps covey a deep symbolic meaning.

wedding rings

Wearing a ring on your finger could either communicate your marital status or your commitment to your high school or may also become a symbol of celebrating your success. Although there are many types of rings available in the market, some of the most common type of rings include the wedding rings, engagement rings and eternity rings which are all available at davidmrobinson.co.uk.

Wedding Rings
A wedding ring or wedding band worn by either a man or woman signifies that the wearer is married. A wedding ring is basically worn on the third finger of the left hand because it is believed that there is a vein in the third finger that is connected directly to the heart. Wedding rings are available in a wide variety of simple and intricate patterns and designs. Wedding rings can either be designed in a basic gold band or can be created with glittering diamonds arranged in a circle or can feature colored stone such as light pink diamonds, yellow diamonds or blue and pink sapphires to make a style statement.

Engagement Rings
An engagement ring essentially signifies that a man and woman are engaged to be married and live a life together. This piece of jewelry is a pledge of love that “seals the deal” in a romantic relationship and symbolizes loyalty, commitment and future relationship. Although engagement rings can be designed in precious and semi precious stones, most men often choose a diamond ring. The fact that diamonds are considered one of the hardest stones, choosing a diamond ring signifies the strength of love of the man for his lady.

Eternity Rings
These rings are highly popular with young unmarried couples and usually signify love, commitment and devotion to the relationship. Eternity rings basically symbolizes “eternal love” and can be used as promise rings, wedding rings or celebration rings. In fact, these rings can also be used to commemorate wedding anniversaries, the birth of a child or also to mark a monumental occasion in a relationship. Although most traditional eternity rings are set in a diamond, using natural gemstones or brightly colored cubic zirconia stones in designing this ring proves to be a perfect option for young budget minded couples.

The fact that rings are worn as symbols of love, wealth and social status, understanding the significance of each ring can help you choose the right type of ring according to your needs and requirements.

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