Perfect Eyebrows

To have perfect eyebrows there are several considerations and factors that you must take into account and which surely will be the keys so you manage to have it perfect, always depending on its thickness and appearance since this will depend on the different expressions on your face.

perfect eyebrows

It is important that you have in mind that even if you have a perfect makeup, if your eyebrows are not well made, the result will not be good.

To get to have perfect eyebrows, you must first determine the type of face with which you work. If the face is square, rounded or inverted triangle, then you should give your eyebrows a form of oblique type.

perfect eyebrows

If on the other hand, your face is elongated, triangular or rectangular, then you’ll need to mold it horizontally. It is important to know that horizontal lines widened at the same time than the vertical ones, lengthen.

You should also note that separate your eyebrows a bit dissimulate the eyes that are somewhat together, or dissimulate a narrow nose.

You try to bring it closer if on the contrary the eyes are a little separated or if the nose is a little wide.

With respect to the thickness, although, seem to be fashionable thick eyebrows this is a bit relative, that is, when you’re with a upper eyelid a little short to give you a little bit wider with a little thinner eyebrows. If the lids are high and your eyes are bigger, eyebrows should be wider and more defined.

Bear in mind that whenever you make it up, either with pencil or with shade.

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