Styling Tips: necklines in & out for small breasts

Necklines IN

Stop formation to have a small chest and applies these styling tips to boost your bust. No more complexes. It may not have a sufficiently bulky chest as you would like but did you know that allying with the appropriate clothing and styling tricks you can visually increase the size of your breasts without surgery? The small chest does not ...

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The perfect bra for you

perfect bra

As it happens with our clothes, when choosing a bra should look first of all comfort and safety. A bad choice can pose risks to the health of our chest. Here, we reveal the keys to succeed in the pursuit of perfect bra. Rods and skin rashes, muscle pain in the back, chest discomfort…. All these are just some of ...

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Spring lingerie to enhance breast

perfect bra

The bra is an essential undergarment for women but one of the most difficult to choose. The choice of the size and the model is not always easy. Surprised to learn that about 70% of women wear a inadequate size bra. Fact that not only affects aesthetic issues but that can cause the development of different mammary pathologies. Not the ...

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Fashion lingerie: Body to autumn

fashion lingerie

This fall touches renew closet, but also drawers. Don’t forget to pick up the latest season of fashionable lingerie. This fall, give heat to the body. We’ve talked about the trends in fashion, so it was time to talk about trends in lingerie. The truth is that lingerie is a great classic for all women. Never forget reinvents trends but ...

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Lingerie Spring-Summer 2012: Renew your intimate side!

H&M collection

With the arrival of good weather to all of us want to renew our wardrobe. Often we do not take into account that the lingerie also changes as each season and that is why we bring you the latest lingerie trends to show off this spring and summer. Whether you have partner or not, you should always be beautiful and, ...

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Daring lingerie for brides very feminine

Daring lingerie

The lingerie is and has been a primary attire in any wedding that is worthy. Given the huge number of proposals that are released constantly in the market, we could make, even, a distinction in terms of fabrics and styles, the taste of each bride. The traditional lingerie lace and embroidery, is still the most widely used, although gaining market ...

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Lingerie: female sensuality as Catwoman!

women lingerie

Discover how the lingerie can become an entire Catwoman in your bed. Do his erotic dreams to see you so captivating outfits like you see below. Seduce him as only you know what to do. Female Sensuality carried to the extreme with the lingerie more sober, more sophisticated and more original. Much eroticism for night in that you will be ...

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Lingerie sizes XXL

plump brides lingerie

Bridal lingerie is a detail that you can not miss for last minute. This is something very special and you should choose with great care and attention. If you’re a bride being overweight you should not lose nothing of illusion when searching for these garments, you just find one that best favors you and hides what you do not like.

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Lingerie to seduce: 5 styles for every woman

seduce lingerie

Wear bold and sexy lingerie is one of the basic premises at the time to seduce a man. So, as we choose a dress for every occasion or according to our moods and the impressions that we want to give, it is also important to choose lingerie according with it. So if you opt for this look women sexy and ...

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Lingerie for pregnant women

maternity lingerie

Who says you can not wear the more intimate side of a pregnant woman with style and sensuality? Attentive to the following maternity lingerie. How exciting, finally pregnant! The initial joy gradually fades when the mother realizes that clothes no longer work, that should change in size, leave the high heels and worst¡ renew your lingerie!

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