Lingerie to seduce: 5 styles for every woman

Wear bold and sexy lingerie is one of the basic premises at the time to seduce a man. So, as we choose a dress for every occasion or according to our moods and the impressions that we want to give, it is also important to choose lingerie according with it.

seduce lingerie

So if you opt for this look women sexy and daring opt for a corset. To seduce with the fatal woman ideally choose the color black. You’ll get a great personality and sensuality be a girl with curves or thinner, the corsets are garments styled using much.

If you opt for the seduction in the purest style Lolita your lingerie ally has to be consistent with the sweetness and the child touch you want to transmit. Clothing in shades of pink suit, floral prints, polka dot and some red accents.

seduce lingerie

What are woman of curves and you want to seduce you with the sensuality of Marilyn Monroe? Lucky you! This upcoming season returns 50’s style. High panties and bras that gets longer further down of the breast, type corset but more shortly.

seduce lingerie

Innocence, freshness and femininity. If you are the type that subtly seduce the blonde finish, the gingham and white are your must.

Finally, if you’re the romantic who prefer to seduce with caresses, kisses and tenderness opt for silk and satin. Choose bold colors or subtle tissues but is full of romantic as lace.

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