Choose mascara that suits you

One of the maxims for all the lovers of the world of the beauty and the cosmetics is to have a few eyelashes as nice as possible. To do this, we need to stop and think about exactly what we need in terms of mascara is concerned.

choose mascara

Depending on how are our eyelashes naturally and so it must be the mascara we must acquire. Since we give you guidelines to follow to know which the one is that best suit you and which will make you feel beautiful from the moment you use it until you take it out of your skin.

  • If you have very short, but plentiful eyelashes, opt for a mascara that enhances the length precisely. Applying from the tear to the outside, possibly get to be long, and that optically appear much larger.
  • If our problem is that we have ‘windshield effect’, i.e., long and thick but down, we have to do is, before catching the mascara in question to makeovers, a curling iron. If we take it from the root of the lashes and pressed without harm, we will make the curve naturally becomes easier and then paint them.
  • Moreover, if we have long and curves eyelashes, but we don’t have too many, what we need to do is to bet for a mascara that thickness of them. Often the secret is to apply more than one layer, or opt for two different mascaras. First, apply transparent mascara for subsequently give color a couple of times. So, it seem that you have much more lush and seem much more than they really are.
  • It is important that we combine our brush and paint brush with the colors of shadows we choose and the look that we carry at the time.

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