Star Turn: YSL Tribute Sandals

If there are something unique fashion brands and trends, its particularity is to make special one piece within their arsenal of clothing or accessories in a collection. This means that there is always something else that has to do with a line, whether clothes, ornaments or shoes that strikes us more than others for their sentimental value, material or simply by their color care.

YSL Tribute Sandals

And it is something like what we talked about today in our star garment: the Tribute sandals to Yves Saint Laurent (YSL). Born in 2008, and long after, they still stand as one of the most elegant and unique and beautiful pieces of the French house. Thus produced in different materials and colors are a memorable part. We’ll give some clues to combine:

  • The style lady is the one that is best suited to this type of shoes. It is high but comfortable sandals thanks to its platform and multiple clamping, so you come with terrific flowing dress or a skirt that has flight.
  • If on the other hand, want to show off legs but in a more sexy way, bet on a set little black dress. Whatever color they are, they will combine with any Tribute, and give you this point rock that you need.
  • On the other hand, being so colorful, they can go perfectly well with dark jeans, a white blouse and a handbag that combines with sandals or even better, that is completely different to contrast perfectly.
  • You can also count with a total look of any particular color, or combine it with a jumpsuit. A monkey can give a sophisticated touch that will reach its peak in this way, and will not leave indifferent anybody at any time.

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