Corsets: femininity and sensuality

Choose the perfect touch when composing a look for a given time is something essential to dress.


Whether for a day’s work, for a meal with friends, for a night out or a romantic dinner with your guy, you choose the ideal outfit is a priority. For this reason, having a special piece in your wardrobe that is different from the rest and express your personality and highlight your femininity can be a safe bet.

In this case we are referring to a single garment that thinks in the curves of women, its sensual pleasure and returns to the charm of the wasp waists, generous necklines and elegance and sensuality as one: corsets.

Now we are not subject to bring under clothing to simulate a slimmer figure, but that we look like a single garment, as that worthy piece of jewelry that highlights each of the areas of our body that we like, and also hide that we like least. Learn why it is a good investment:

– It will enhance your curves. If you have small breasts, make it look like you more, and if you have a lot, flaunt it!

– We all like the marked waists. Not only you will not suffocate, but optically you will seem narrower but simultaneously much more feminine and curvy in equal parts.

– A corset-speaks for itself, can combine with countless looks: midi skirts, short skirts, dress pants or even jeans. Rise to a good peep toes have the perfect outfit.

– This is ode to women and elegance with a sexy and sensual point to which may not resist.

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