Stylize our body is possible if you know how to combine clothes that we have. Wanting to have a more elongated figure that our body appears much thinner at least optically is a desire of many women who do not succeed by physical circumstances.

lengthen figure

Many times, the trick lies not in express diets or in impossible heels – although its help – but it is a question of accepting our body and height as it is, but extracting the maximum divided to the fashion and its trends.

If your problems are the hips, the number of inches that you would like to win, or you just occasionally like to look like a beautiful stem, we propose a series of tricks to look like a real model without killing yourself in the gym:

What is important is to subtract accessories that make you small. That is, if your legs are not too long, not bet for dresses with boots that exceed the ankle. This will appear shorter.

-So it is best that leave shoes much more exposed on question of instep foot, better. This will help if you like midi dresses that cover the knee, and of course, are not prohibited for petite.

Avoid long jerseys with knee boots. If you are exposed only inches from your thighs, you subtract this height. If you like over the knee boots, try to choose upper garments that are not excessively long. The same if you like oversize jerseys that reach legs: combine them with ballet slippers or booties.

This year’s tube dresses are a must. If you choose a dark color, texture that clings to the body with the proper peep toes will make you seem much more stylized.

In addition, the dresses to the feet also help, the tighter, better. Dare!

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