Extend your summer tan easily

A few days on the beach or in the mountains and our skin loses the horrible whitish color that accompanies us throughout the winter. We know that too much sun is harmful and should never expose it without protection, but it is true that in the right amount gives us a nice skin tone, that makes us more beautiful.

summer tan

The pity is that hard enough to get an even tan and nice and in a few days you can get to lose. But since we’re going to give few simple tricks to get you pretty well until the fall.

The first thing you should always keep your skin hydrated, both from without and from within. After each shower apply a good moisturizer or after sun to prevent unsightly flakes in your skin and that white is displayed.

On the other hand, like the rest of the year, you should drink plenty of fluids, but you can substitute water for juice or gazpacho containing foods with beta-carotene (tomatoes, peppers, carrots …)

For the skin to renew and not go dead cells accumulate, once a week recommend you gently exfoliate the skin of the face and body. This does not eliminate your tan, but you will get to renew and eliminate flakes.

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