Women who carry a naturally curly hair, you know that is very nice, but unlike straight hair, it require some special care, because it’s dry out more easily, and quickly the hair loses its naturalness and smoothness.

naturally curly hair

This peculiarity is due to its spiral shape, which somehow increases the protective cuticle is scaly, causing it to become more permeable, easy to curl, lose its luster and become dry.

To prevent this from happening, curly hair should be washed every two or three days, thus moving the curls always look natural, and avoid the constant passage of comb or manipulate. It’s best to use a specific shampoo and conditioner for curly, which allow waves look natural, and not look dehydrated and dull. Conditioners should always be applied first on the balls, and then extend them, without getting to the root, because in this way we avoid the scalp becomes oily, and the curls look like a blob.

One trick that does not fail to prevent the hair curly becoming frizzy is definitely not combing in dry, and to disarm the waves, that slowly causes dehydration and cracking of therefore recommend, put the conditioner, and while it is acting detangling with wide-toothed comb.

Finally and truly waves of curly hair look absolutely soft and natural, then conditioner, you should rinse until no traces of it and rinse with cold water to allow the hair cuticle to close and activate the brightness of the hair. The water remains a curly hair should be removed with a towel, without rubbing too so it does not tangle and avoid using the dryer.

You can use creams, foams, modeler spray, and any other products that help you to adapt the curls to a healthy, groomed, smooth, frizz-free, and with a completely natural shine.

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