Makeup Trends: The Neoclassical look

Giorgio Armani proposes a surprisingly sophisticated makeup. A reinvention and renewal of the black color star of this trend. A set of bright tones and illuminated that fall in harmony, giving special emphasis to the gaze. Discover how to get the neoclassical look in your makeup.

neoclassical look

You know that the masculine style will make a splash this season. But that does not mean tiring abandon our femininity. On the contrary, our signs of women should always keep them in one way or another. In this case, our greatest strength is reflected in our eyes.

And if not, see how the play of contrasts, dark color and textures and gives more impact to the eyes. And that is Giorgio Armani has been based on that, in different forms and textures to give prominence to our gaze. Together, always, to a fund of very neutral and velvety makeup.

A makeup that provides with the whole neoclassic style that so much pleases in the coldest months. The elegance joins the black because the neutrality of our skin, for women more conformed to enigmatic and obscures the pair that intriguing.

This trend is based on the present as fusion bipolarity in the eyes and in the rest of the face. It is as well as Armani considered attractive to women this autumn winter 2012 2013. The intensity, brightness, satin and seduction are your keys.

Eyeshadow of intense tones. Velvety colors that glide on the eyelid with all the care to preserve every flash of color. A makeup without stains, comfortable and daring. A contrast that will be trend in the coming months.

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