Metallic Shoes

Shoes are an excellent supplement to any woman’s wardrobe, from vertiginous heels, to the most comfortable sandals in the world, each of our shoes says something about us and our mood oddly enough. Here we want to offer some information on another major trend that is slowly turning the corner but has always been leaning head, metallic shoes.

metallic shoes

No doubt the metallic shoes are the perfect choice to note our steps, and the truth is that just like with any metallic garment seems to come to do the function of any other supplement, that is, when carrying a metallic garment care always will be directed to that part of the body, so bring a whole would simply overload the complement.

Colors like golden, silver or brass are most commonly used in these cases, and the truth is that it is very good news because these are the colors that can be combined with the rest of our wardrobe. And among all the shoes, the sandals are the most have been used with this type of shade since it is primarily used in summer and get to that force so explosive that it deserves any summer look.

Anyway we can say that a golden hall, although hard to find, can become beautiful (as long as you combine correctly) and even silver heels or boots with brass accents are ideal for any time of day.

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