Patterns for fabric handbags

There are two essential things you can not miss ever with accessories: a bag and a wallet. As we are in times when it is better to save some money whenever we can, in this article we teach you to make your own portfolio of fabric so you don’t have to buy any. Want to know how you do it? So please keep reading because the simple steps sure you get a beautiful portfolio and you decide to do more.

fabric handbags

When we look at the portfolios we think how complicated it might have to make one ourselves. But calm because there are portfolios of fabric that are very easy to make and are very cool. Also, keep in mind that as you, who will make them able to make it your own, the colors you want and the size suits you best. Notes because we started!

What you need
The first thing is to know what materials and tools we need to do this type of portfolio. As you know are fabrics, so the key is to get two pieces of fabric, the color you want, plain or printed, but are different from one another. Once you find the fabric that you like you just need a pencil to mark a line on it, scissors and a ruler. If you have a sewing machine a lot better because you end up faster, but if not, do not worry because you can sew perfectly on hand because what we do is something small so you do not have to spend hours and hours sewing.

Steps to take
The first step you must take is to measure and strokes. You can choose the size you want, with reference to another portfolio you have or innovating a new way. You can make square, rectangular and even round, why not? In this case we make rectangular. Use your imagination that the more you get the most beautiful you will be the portfolio. Once you’ve chosen the measures that just want to do you’ll have to draw it on the fabric with the rule so it is perfect to us.

fabric handbags

Then you have to cut the fabric, and when the two pieces join it by law. On the back you have to draw it a margin on the shore of one centimeter more or less. Once bound, the following is sewing three sides. You have to leave one side open without sewing to then be able to turn easily.

When given the round next thing you have to do is remove the corners well (help with the pencil). Later puts inwards the remaining cloth of the part that we had made opened so that you could sew it.

Now have a rectangle of fabric right? Well, following this rectangle is divided into three parts, two of it equal and a smaller one that will cover the purse. Trace the lines with pencil and fold the rectangle along those lines. The two parts that are equal you sew the sides, following the seams you had done before. Thus we still see as a sort of bag with cover.

The only thing you lack is to place a button or clasp that will serve as a closure of the purse and ready. You have made your portfolio of fabric in a moment.

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