Striped Trend: The tandem more vertical black & white!

That the white color is a basic summer is nothing new, that the streaks always return in the spring either, and the black & white is a current trend is well known to all fashion followers.

striped trend

However, this year, the big firms have sought a new twist in their collections, and have reversed the direction of the stripes, making them vertically. Furthermore, these can not be thin or discrete, but must be marked and wider.

There will be many people who will not join this new trend, because it can remind arbitrators’ shirts, but the truth is that the queens of street style already have their garments with this pattern, and do not stop using them. The collections of Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs already have them, and you, do you dare?

striped trend

How to wear one of these garments can be tricky, as this should be the protagonist. In the vast majority of outfits that can be viewed on the inspiring bloggers black remains the basis of styling, with a touch of color in discreet accessories.

If other colorful clothes, they should wear solid colors, to avoid saturation.

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