Tips for nude makeup

The nude makeup is a fabulous idea for the day. The main reason is that it has a very natural effect that also tends to be simple and fast. What you want to achieve fundamentally with this type of natural makeup, is unifying the complexion and give a fresh look to your face.

nude makeup

If you have imperfections such as dark circles or blemishes, the main thing is to reunify the natural color of your face, so you must use a concealer neutral, lighter than your skin tone. Next, it is important to find a base, either fluid or mineral powders that look like your skin tone.

Using B Cream is a good idea, since merge very well with the skin and provides hydration and sun protection. However, are not so covering, so you should only use them if you do not have imperfections in the face.

Once you’ve got a skin look healthy, you can dab on the lips and eyes. Highlight your lips with a bit of shimmer or a very natural pink tone, to keep it hydrated. In eyes, you can use nude shadows, beige or light brown tones. Also, it never hurts a little bit of mascara.

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