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3 looks you should have worn before the end of summer

afternoon on the beach

For many, the summer vacation will begin, for others it will be over, and then we are still waiting for them, but the summer season has almost been counted, and what really matters is having taken it with style. Even so, we do not want to call bad weather, there is still August and before the rains and short afternoons ...

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Ideas to wear the blazer

blazer with jeans

Learn how to combine the blazer with your own style in any season Today we talk about how to wear the blazer with style, that garment you have in your closet, which is very easy to combine and gives much play whether for a casual look or for something more elegant. Blazer with jeans for a casual look This combination ...

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5 Benefits of Hair Extensions

benefits of hair extensions

Hair extensions are a very popular item on the dressing table of many women, and it’s no surprise to see that’s the case. There are several benefits to wearing hair extensions, and while it can be a hassle putting them in or finding your exact colour, that doesn’t outweigh the advantages that you can enjoy from these additions to your ...

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Looks for a perfect getaway by Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner took advantage of a few weeks ago her passage by Cannes to enjoy a break of the most summer and to go to the sea, next to the company of her older sister, Kourtney Kardashian. What is the best of this getaway? The looks that Kendall Jenner left us as inspiration to fill our suitcase on our next ...

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What do the shoes you wear say about you?

type of shoes

The world of the fashion that surrounds us, the form that each one we have of dressing is very arbitrary but simultaneously a personnel and a symbol how we are as a person. The colors, the clothes, the accessories … everything is subject to the imagination of each one, but … What happens with the shoes? According to a study ...

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5 natural oils to nourish your hair

natural oils

The hair is extremely important for women, since it directly influences the character and mood, including demarcating the professional, personal and even emotional success. Most women take care of their hair, dedicating time to rituals of beauty and care to change times of stress by sensory moments of pleasure. But the urban lifestyle can damage our hair. Some chemicals, the ...

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What color of lipstick goes best with your face?

choose lipstick

The lipsticks bring shine and volume to one of the most prominent parts of our face and we can get more out of it whenever we choose the right color. A bad choice can ruin the rest of the makeup, so it is so important to hit the tone that best fits our face. We give you the guidelines to ...

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Victoria Beckham launches a low cost collection for Target

Victoria Beckham collection

It is not only a former Spice Girl or the wife of a footballer, Victoria Beckam, has managed to make her name an empire and earn respect and recognition from the fashion world. Her brand, Victoria Beckham, already has several lines for different audiences, and at the beginning of this month of April, the designer took a big step and ...

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Updating Your Wardrobe for the Spring Season

spring season fashion

New seasons mean that you have to change your wardrobe in order to dress appropriately. While you might have clothes from last year that you can wear again this year, you might also want to update your wardrobe to get some new items. Look at what’s in this season Buy some fashion magazines and have a look at the colours ...

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