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How to choose the perfect bag?

choose perfect bag

Do you know which bag is right for your type of silhouette? The shape, color and size are the three most important things to buy a personalized fashion bag. Next we explain everything to you, since the choice of the bag will also depend on the use that will be given. Diary bag It can be of different sizes (depending ...

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Brain Piercing: Tendency or Madness?

As time has passed, piercings have ceased to be a reflection of cultural, religious and spiritual values ​​to become simply an element of aesthetic character. In our modern society, piercings are part of the fashion and trends that we follow, many even become addicted to them and end up with no space in their body to be able to get ...

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5 Style Lessons from Victoria Beckham

victoria beckham styles

Victoria Beckham is one of the most internationally recognized icons of style, has marched on the best catwalks in the world and has managed to create elegant collections that carrying not only the celebrities and more demanded actresses but the woman of on foot. In all these years her style has changed, evolved and above all has been refined. We ...

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Emma Watson, The Sustainable Princess

Emma Watson

As we all know, the remake of “Beauty and the Beast” is now on tour around the world, and, for the one who has not yet found out, the star actress, Emma Watson, has decided to give us the option to follow all the details about the looks and moments of the trip from the new Instagram profile that she ...

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The best looks of the Oscars 2017

best looks oscars 2017

One night for crazies who dare to dream. The 89 edition of the Academy Awards was a gala full of surprises, where we could even check if all nominated for an award had been prepared speech, thanks to the terrific error that will happen to the story of Faye Dunaway and Warren Beauty foretelling a “La La Land” as Best ...

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Pleated skirts: The must have of the season

pleated skirts

When designers such as Gucci and Loewe bet on a garment on the runway, we have no one to make a hole in our closet. This is the case of pleated skirts, which burst harder than ever this season. Although the pleated skirt is a versatile garment, many of us do not dare to take the step for fear of ...

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Lipstick that will triumph this winter

lip shades

Do you want to know which lip shades will triumph this winter? If the answer is yes, continue reading as novelties are coming in the world of lipsticks. This season features new ranges of lip colors able to take a look very different depending on your humor and state of mood. Among the top colors in lipstick, we highlight the ...

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How to recognize when a garment is of good quality?

check garment

The test in light, zippers, components and seams, there are some of the signs that can indicate the quality of a garment. Learn to identify them and do not spend too much money for a product that will not meet your expectations. The zippers. When a garment is of quality, the zippers will be perfectly finished with threads of the ...

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How to dress without wearing a bra?

dress without wearing bra

A good occasion to leave without support is when we go to a party. There are a lot of dresses that look much better if we wear them without a bra. But it certainly is not good to do it to go to the office, as it may generate an inadequate impression. Although for women with small breasts it is ...

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Tips for using makeup remover properly

using makeup remover properly

To use correctly the make-up remover is essential to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin: a basic ritual of beauty that cannot be overlooked. With just a while you rid your skin of dirt, makeup and toxins that may have been building up during the day to rest and regenerate it as corresponds by the night. See tips for a ...

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