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What to wear on rainy days?

wear on rainy days

Once again the eternal question, what to wear when you do not know what to wear? And the thing gets even more complicated when the rain makes an appearance: your hair curling, your pants get wet from the bottom no matter how hard you try to avoid it … And that’s not to mention how uncomfortable it is to go ...

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Tricks to take care of hair and keep it healthy

take care of hair

With these simple tricks to take care of the hair you will make your hair look always careful, preventing knots from forming, keeping it hydrated and flavored, as well as avoiding the formation of split ends and other problems that tend to make hair look bad. Today you can find on the web tricks, for everything that you can think ...

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How to use pumice stone

use pumice stone

Pumice stone: Do you know how pumice stone is used? Let’s see all the uses of this valuable cosmetic. The pumice stone is undoubtedly a great ally of beauty. Some of you may know it for some time, many others, however, only knows it by hearsay. When we talk about the pumice stone, we refer to a stone with a ...

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How To Work Boho-Chic Into Your Wardrobe

boho chic

Bohemian style fashion has a long and illustrious history. It may have hit its peak in the hippie days of 60s and 70s, but elements of the look can still be seen on catwalks all over the world. This timeless style is perfect for a carefree summer outfit, and it’s super-flattering design features make it an easy trend to wear ...

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Solutions to the Worst Signs of Ageing

signs of ageing

If you are over 30, your body is starting to show off signs of ageing, especially your face. The process is natural, but that may not make it any less pleasant. There are numerous treatments to fight back against the signs of ageing, but not all are equally effective. If you are slathering on anti-wrinkle cream you bought for cheap ...

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12 tips to make your leather bag last forever

leather bag last forever

Keeping leather shoulder bag with proper maintenance is important, as it helps to extend your time of use and show off in perfect condition. You have done it: you have saved for a long time or you have been lucky to have been given that bag with which you have been dreaming for so long. A luxury bag and great ...

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8 rules that English royalty always follows to dress

It is not new that royalty should follow a series of etiquette and dress protocols, and they should dress according to the social calendar. But in addition, they follow their own fashion rules in relation to their looks. Constantly photographed and analyzed, members of royalty, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, receive help from their stylists and have style rules ...

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7 Ways To Stay Stylish Without Sacrificing Comfort

stay stylish

Most women aim to look great when they can, but sometimes it feels like it’s not possible to look fashion-forward without sacrificing comfort. On some days, you just don’t feel like being constricted by your clothes or hobbling around in heels – you just want to feel good. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple ways to dress your best without ...

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Suit Jacket: How to combine them according to your style

flower suit jacket

Suit Jacket have become a must-have this season. We give you the keys to combine them according to your style. Trends indicate that tailor suits can be worn in many ways and on multiple occasions. These serve either to go to a party, a wedding or to go to work. Below we show you how to combine the suit jacket. ...

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