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Different types of suit and how to wear them

The suits offer several choices depending on the occasions. After learning to choose the suit that suits us, which model to choose for which type of event? Here are the different types of suits! We usually distinguish models such as the classic suit, the suit with the crossover jacket, the three-piece suit, the tuxedo and the tailcoat or frock coat. ...

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5 ways to dress like a professional woman

professional woman

Are you a woman who works in offices, who deals with a lot of people and who always needs to be impeccable, but you do not have much budget? Here is the solution for ways to dress like a professional women….. It is wonderful to be a woman today! Sixty years ago, our grandmothers fought for women’s freedom, our mothers ...

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5 Items Every Girl Needs In Her Handbag

every girl needs

It doesn’t matter what age you are; there are certain items that every woman should always have on their person at all times. What good is that gorgeous slouchy bag you bought for summer if it’s not loaded with everything you need? While you may be able to get rid of those ancient receipts and old protein bar wrappers, there ...

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7 rules for casual business dress

casual business dress

If you think that just removing the tie makes you wear business casual you’re wrong. This dress code has its own rules. I invite you to meet them. Casual business attire (also known as Business Casual) allows you to wear a more comfortable outfit without losing professionalism. However, many men are mistaken in practice because they do not know the ...

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Difference between a mascara and a serum for eyelashes


The eyelashes are a very important part of our eyes because they have the function of protecting them. In addition to enhancing the attractiveness of the look, lashes are key to enjoy good eye health. Its size varies depending on the part of the eyelid where they are but the central ones are usually the longest. In the upper eyelid ...

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How to Safely Buy High-end Fashion Brand Online

safely buy

Shopping online can be one of the simple pleasures of life because you won’t have to waste your time by waiting in line and leave your house and take a trip to the mall. Also, you will be able to save money. But do you know reckless buying with a lot of high-end fashion brand replica available online can make ...

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10 great Meghan Markle looks that show your taste wearing

meghan markle looks

Meghan Markle is on everyone’s lips. A great defender of the rights of women, in solidarity, a successful actress … she has won the love and respect of the whole world! The British love Meghan Markle because it has brought a bit of fresh air to the monarchy. That renovating and changing character with which she has arrived at Kensington ...

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What to wear on rainy days?

wear on rainy days

Once again the eternal question, what to wear when you do not know what to wear? And the thing gets even more complicated when the rain makes an appearance: your hair curling, your pants get wet from the bottom no matter how hard you try to avoid it … And that’s not to mention how uncomfortable it is to go ...

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Tricks to take care of hair and keep it healthy

take care of hair

With these simple tricks to take care of the hair you will make your hair look always careful, preventing knots from forming, keeping it hydrated and flavored, as well as avoiding the formation of split ends and other problems that tend to make hair look bad. Today you can find on the web tricks, for everything that you can think ...

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