Choosing a good neckline can be one of the best weapons of seduction and the woman wrapped in an aura of femininity external. But what is the most flattering neckline? You may not pay much attention, it is an unconscious act, but surely if we open our closet and weRead More →

dress code

We help you analyze the style you take when autumn comes into our lives, we help you learn about new trends and, above all, we help you to know what to wear for the dreaded return to routine. This is the Dress Code for returning to work. Everything costs. AndRead More →

Ibizan crochet

Our decision is unanimous … The special of the week trend is any garment that incorporates crochet. More summer, cool and fashion impossible. Read on to learn more about how the famous this trend. Crochet is a type of pilling fabric and looks very hard, but flexible at the sameRead More →

long skirts

Long skirts are a trend, but it’s one of those quirks of fashion that attract us the one hand, but on the other repelled because we often do not know how to use or combine and end up relegated to the bottom of our wardrobe. Well, here are a fewRead More →

Crochet Vest

Have you bought a vest and do not know how to put it? Attentive to the multiple combinations for this summer. Crochet vest, apparently somewhat hippie, you can become the most chic if you know combined. So then let’s keep awake different ways of wearing a vest of these characteristicsRead More →

beach shorts

Shorts, this mini shorts that challenges us to look legs and reinvents itself every summer, it is the protagonist of today, learn to take full advantage! The short can be a double-edged sword, the short, the shoot, what it is wide or narrow leg v to have an effect identifiedRead More →

long skirts

Long skirts have become a “boom” of summer fashion. Stylized figure and lengthen the legs. Fashion trends surrender to the pleated skirts or transparent. Both draw a hyperfeminine silhouette and can wear in fashion colors of the season. It is the most desired and that clings to the body andRead More →