trending women watch

A watch is a sheer declaration of one’s personal style, more than any other accessory worn on the wrist. And as the fashion industry keeps on altering itself with newer trends, the watch industry also embraces innovative trends to keep millennials and Gen Z’s fashion senses updated. In today’s fashionRead More →

sheepskin gloves

Are Sheepskin Gloves Worth It? When shopping for new gloves and mittens, you may want to consider sheepskin gloves. They are arguably the best combination of fashion and function. When the temperatures drop, one of the first things people reach out to is gloves. There are several options to chooseRead More →

manicure trends

The most interesting prints, the colors and finishes that will be most popular and the riskiest bets for your autumn nails Admittedly, even though there is little left for the end of summer, you are already looking forward to autumn. New season, new colors and trends for our hair (haircuts,Read More →

prevent dry eye

The level of moisture in your eyes will directly impact your comfort. Eyes that are not adequately hydrated will typically become dry and itchy, which is very uncomfortable and unpleasant to deal with. In addition, moisture protects the surface of the eye from damage. There are many reasons why youRead More →

What Your Jewelry Says

There is something intensely fascinating about the world of jewelry, especially along with the context of expression. Even in today’s unprecedented world where the pandemic has forced many to stay in their homes to stay safe, it does not stop most from still wearing their favorite pieces. It is aRead More →

Vitamin C for skin

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid has antioxidant properties that help synthesise of collagen, which becomes a dominant contributor to healthy skin. Studies have shown that Vitamin C can help prevent and treat photodamage caused by ultraviolet rays. Likewise, topical and dietary ascorbic acid is beneficial to skin cells. Ascorbic acidRead More →