Fashion Accessories

The Britain: new collection of Burberry watches

burberry watches

The Burberry launches Britain, a collection of mechanical watches for men and women. The company celebrates its 156 years of history and what better way than launching a special line of supplements? Four models are included in this collection. One of them has a 40-hour automatic battery; another has automatic movement, chronograph and the last of diamond quartz. Models designed ...

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Typical errors of a Wedding: The manual use of the headdress!


We all know it very established by protocols that are the weddings. And although not all know rule to rule, if we Intuit that there are a number of typical errors which cannot be allowed. So take note of all… And you will not miss anything! Demonstrate in a wedding that you know the protocol to perfection is synonymous with ...

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Military style โ€“ a hot fashion trend for autumn

military watches

Summer is nearly over and autumn approaches with huge steps. It is therefore a good idea to take a little time and think of the right outfit for the upcoming cold time of the year. Since every season requires us to wear the according outfit in terms of material, cut and color there are certain things one should keep in ...

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Choose the eyeglass frame that best promotes

eyeglass frame

They have become, in its own right, in a fashion more than complement that favors us and brings to our outfits a touch of sophistication in the looks more suitable for the work or everyday life. So far had been a necessity, now you can wear any eyeglass frame although you do not need it. The eyeglasses of view every ...

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Hair Accessories

hair accessories

To wear your hair to fashion accompanies it with accessories that are in fashion 2012. You do not need too much, just be creative and know what suits you to achieve the most successful looks, and so that hair accessories are particularly relevant when it comes to hairstyles.

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Silver Jewelry Design

silver jewelry

In recent times, with the crisis, the value of the precious metals, i.e., gold and silver, has grown like wildfire. In many cases there who has believed that silver was for those who could not afford jewelry of gold and diamonds, but it is not like that a good piece of silver is not cheap, its design can be very ...

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Fashion Trends: The return of crosses!


The crosses have become an icon already extolled back in the 90’s a very young musician Madonna. And again this year returns everything all of the era, from the shirts above the navel to the pants by the waist and, of course, jewelry and jewelry in large measures, though, with many crosses. Do not miss it. In the jewelry that ...

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Fashion Accessories: Baroque Jewelry!

Baroque Jewelry

This season accessories are as much to adorn all your looks. And, guess what the best supplements you can include in all your outfits … Jewelry, or costume jewelry. Baroque motifs, skulls, owls, swallows … Indeed, the bigger, bolder and more surreal the better. And is that the jewelry has become an indispensable element in our styling due to fun ...

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Styling Tips: The effect of loop

effect of loop

You could not resist the romance of the loop. This detail in XXL version, fabric, plain or printed, inlaid… captures the spotlight this summer sneaking into any garment or accessory to complement your wardrobe. That if you increase the breasts, that if reducing belly, that if camouflage those flab that make us uncomfortable and therefore that despite our efforts have ...

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Various wedding headgear

wedding headgear

The ideal complement for the wedding dress is and will be par excellence, the veil. For the significance, even today remains as elected along with the blanket, but it doesn’t have to be well and increasingly, the less traditional brides are flocking to choose the Headgear. There are different types of headgear, different sizes and shapes. You just have to ...

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