Fashion Tips

5 tips to manage heels like a pro!

manage heels

The high heels can be super cute to look at, but do you know them? And it is one thing to see and another to handle them properly. If you are the type who loves high heels, wants to use them, but do not know if it will fall to the 2 steps, then this article is for you! We’ll ...

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How to wear ‘crop-tops’

wear crop-tops

They were absolute last year trend, when suddenly; we find that the 90’s were again highly topical. We refer, of course, it has to do with crop-tops, that piece of clothing that was introduced in our closets for a couple of seasons, and no plans to leave just like that. It is logical that these kinds of garments we considered ...

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Style tricks to hide the ‘tummy’

hide tummy

If there is something that concerns many women when it comes to dressing, it is the fact that some clothes can highlight the abdomen more than expected. It may be because we remain a few kilos, because we’ve eaten too much or feel swollen because retain liquids or simply because we are so, and this makes any dress or blouse ...

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How to Dress Sharp and Attract Attention

dress sharp

The phrase “how you dress is how you are addressed” and “first impression matters” are all very true. From the first time we step into a meeting, get-together parties or any kind of social gathering events, we are constantly being observed and scrutinized starting from what we have on ourselves as an attire to the kind of shoes that graces ...

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Tricks to stylize your figure

stylize figure

If there is something that all women who are not too high, we want when it comes to clothing, it is the fact that our figures to look sufficiently lean, high and stretched. Although the heels can make miracles, many times the fact of having the trunk it become too postmodern for its own good long does not depend on ...

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Skin care best wrinkle cream

best wrinkle cream

Numerous ladies with wrinkles commit the error of attempting to blanket them with substantial establishments and powders. Be that as it may toning it down would be ideal in terms of downplaying your facial blemishes. A face loaded with overwhelming establishment just highlights wrinkles. Rather than substantial establishment, attempt a tinted cream. Tinted lotions give lighter scope and won’t sink ...

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Turn your office look into party style

office look

It has happened to us in countless occasions: we go to the office dressed to go to work, and suddenly emerges us a plan to get out with our partner, with friends or even with our own colleagues, and we have no time to go to move home. In these cases, we can not do anything but go to that ...

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The basics of lace wigs

full lace wigs

There are many different types of work that women can do on their hair to make it have a different appearance. People like to change the look of their hair because it is something that is easy to change repeatedly without having to do much effort. You can use color treatment, get frequent haircuts, and get your hair permed or ...

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Preservation Tips for Silk Christening Gowns

Silk Christening Gowns

Christening gowns often become treasured family heirlooms, inherited by the wearer or passed around to each new generation. Unfortunately, it’s much easier to start a tradition than to keep one going – heirloom preservation is no easy task. Textile preservation is even more difficult. Of all the possible christening gown materials, silk is one of the most beautiful, and one ...

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Learn how to combine the shorts this spring

combine shorts

If there is something that all of us have clear with the arrival of spring and the weather is nice, the fact is that the legs are to show them and to presume of them teaching them with the shortest garments. In this case, we do not focus on pieces such as dresses or skirts, but in the shorter version ...

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