Women’s fashion

Stripes & Jumpsuit

Stripes & Jumpsuit

This week, we focus on an outfit fun and maritime feel. The monkey, main star of the season, is the role of the look of the week. A few days before commencement of the summer with temperatures that we are going crazy, we chose a more nautical option for discovering legs. The white, black and red are the three colors ...

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Rain prints: The prints of the summer!

Rain prints

With the heat of summer becomes a must that can not miss in your suitcase on vacation. The most daring and colorful prints take over the fashion runways. Skirts, dresses, pants and even monkeys have fallen succumbed to the fever of the prints. Are you going to be without them? Tropical Inspiration There are no more summery than the Palm ...

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Stylized pants: Appears one size smaller!

stylized pants

The choice of pants is key to feeling comfortable with ourselves and comfortable with our bodies. According to accessories and garments with which we can combine them to appear one size smaller. Grab a pen and paper and points these effective styling tricks with which you will feel slimmer. Are you ready to show off figure? Waist pants To highlight ...

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Perfect print pants

print pants

The printed pants do not understand discretion and this spring hoard much prominence as part of the hit of the season. Attentive to your user’s manual. Sure you could not resist trying on printed pants. This spring flowers, animal print, camouflage … become protagonists and are stamped on the pants with greater or lesser impact. The pants of the season ...

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Minimal look: Discover your keys style!

minimal look

More and more professionals who are surrender to the simplicity and naturalness of this style. Since appearing in the mid-80s, minimal has become one of the most copied trends by celebrities. Both in fashion and in makeup, this particular look wins more than ever. Discover their secrets below. Minimal: its strengths Black, white, gray or beige are the basic colors ...

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The more feminine tuxedo

feminine tuxedo

Again, masculine cut garments become fully adapted to reinvent the female body. First were the classic suit jacket, and now, the tuxedo ready to emerge again another season. Here we discover the keys to look this garment in the most elegant and feminine. Although it may seem like a completely male garment, the truth is that it is the most ...

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Vest jacket: 3 ways to combine in the spring!

vest jacket

Although we have not yet discovered this garment is called as already included in most collections and is poised to become a must-season, we unveiled three ways to wear the vest-jacket. Secure that not are you have overlooked this turn halfway between dress and coat that already has carved a niche among the spring trends. As if it were a ...

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Styling tips: Styled bowlegs

styled bowlegs

The woman’s legs never go unnoticed and are criticized for ourselves. That if I’d like to have them longer, than if I have a few wide thighs, that if I have them close together or too separate… However, enough to put into practice the styling tricks for styling your legs to return to love them. Do not torments, not overwhelmed ...

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Styling Tips for Valentine: Sexy, Sensual and Seductive


Being useful the Valentine’s Day, we unveil some styling tricks to be sexy, sensual and seductive without being vulgar. When we think of these three S doubts assail us can I be really sexy if I don’t have curves? How can I seduce and be sexy if I just walk in heels? All are excuses! Love is power. Sexy, Sensual ...

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Styling tips: Bags to hide the hips

Bags to hide the hips

The bag is one of the feminine complements most faithful to the woman. We took him everywhere, we take it all over, a certain look updates us, it facilitates us every day, but also: did you know that it has some effect on the figure? Accessory fetish for many women, inseparable friend from each other, the choice of a certain ...

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