Perfect Eyebrows

perfect eyebrows

To have perfect eyebrows there are several considerations and factors that you must take into account and which surely will be the keys so you manage to have it perfect, always depending on its thickness and appearance since this will depend on the different expressions on your face. It is important that you have in mind that even if you ...

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Crisis and nail polish

nail art

Our nails have become very important in recent months with nail art. Everywhere we see bright colors, designs and patterns on the hands of countless women. The Olympics are still a great escape from the range of possibilities when we decorate our fingernails but it’s just fashion or is there more? The lipstick theory revealed that during an economic crisis ...

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Makeup: nude look for summer

nude make-up

Now that our skin lights up a golden color from the sun, not worth hide behind a very heavy makeup. The nude is a good option to highlight our natural beauty and our tan. The nude trend has found a place in our makeup. By combining the right products can make to enhance our unpretentious charm. In summer, our skin ...

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Cosmetics for illuminating your face!

illuminating makeup

When you feel the skin on your face does not have light, looks dull and without vitamins… It is time that use these tricks to get a face with more light. Read on to discover! Not all women have the habit of make-up. But what we do know all is that after a bad night need to use makeup to ...

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Natural Makeup for Summer

natural makeup

In summer, we prefer natural makeup and easy to handle, without strong colors. As the sun’s rays are responsible for premature aging of the skin. In that sense, looking foundations with UV protection. In the market you will also find products that are resistant to sweat and have moisturizing components. These days it is necessary to apply strong colors on ...

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Wedding night makeup

wedding night makeup

Makeup for a wedding night For a night makeup you must increase the intensity of the colors as the degree of fantasy as the occasion demands and the artificial lights obscure the colors and tarnish. The makeup at night as well as the clothing must be more whimsical. Under this concept you can, in addition to the above items, add: ...

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Metallic Makeup

Metallic Makeup

If you’re looking to find the perfect look for your makeup this summer, one of the options you can consider is to buy a palette of metallic shadows, if you already have, even better. Metallic makeup is causing a great sensation this summer and marking tendency that although in a moment was lost, today is more current than ever. It ...

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Makeup for brown eyes

brown eyes makeup

Brown and black eyes, you’re in luck: it is very common for your color; you have the advantage that you favor all the colors. Makeup will not cost you anything if you follow our simple tips. Many women complain that their eyes are a ‘vulgar’ brown … Do you know that you have in your favor that all shades of ...

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Makeup Tips: Bambi eyes

bambi eyes

To all the women we love the eyeliner. We are fans of the liner. But we have tested a thousand and one designs to overstep the line above the eye and we no longer know how to innovate. Luckily in gateway, and afterwards the celebrities most in, have brought to fashion a new trend in eyeliner. It is called the ...

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Makeup Trends: The sea in your eyes!

summer makeup

The trend of the summer … What’s better than the seawater is reflected in your eyes? Stir in blue on your face and give plenty of light and energy to your look with color most famous of the summer. Read on for this trend! Make up the colors are vivid, the colors are fluorine, take the pastel colors … If ...

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