Prepare your hair for spring

prepare hair for spring

With the arrival of spring, the months of good weather and these days in which the coat begins to overrun, it is necessary that we put all parts of our body according to the temperature that we are about to experience. Although the weeks that we are waiting all year and good sunshine can not hurt anyone, it is true ...

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Do not neglect the care of your feet

care of your feet

Whenever we want to be beautiful look in certain areas of our bodies that make us feel beautiful every day. For this, we must know the beauty treatments that will help us as these parts of our anatomy that are better than ever. In this case we speak of the face, legs or abdomen. This time we look at the ...

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Choose the ideal facial tonic for you

ideal facial tonic

Facial Tonic is ideal for removing cleanser residue and tightens pores. But what is right for your skin type? We will explain it. While not a must-have item in the routine of beauty, the facial toner helps us keep our skin in better condition, preventing pores too open, which improves the appearance of the face and reduces the possibility of ...

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Choose mascara that suits you

choose mascara

One of the maxims for all the lovers of the world of the beauty and the cosmetics is to have a few eyelashes as nice as possible. To do this, we need to stop and think about exactly what we need in terms of mascara is concerned. Depending on how are our eyelashes naturally and so it must be the ...

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Beauty tips: how to eliminate frizz hair

eliminate frizz hair

Both Beyonce and Shakira, and many other celebrities, have curly hair, hard and difficult to tame. However, all of them, give waves to your hair, straighten or curl it whenever want without your hair have a poor appearance and, above all, without frizz. How do you get? Where is the trick: the instruments with what they comb, lifestyle? Here we ...

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How to hide the wrinkles of your eyes

hide wrinkles

If you want to see with a fresh and more youthful appearance, some keys will help you make those wrinkles will not notice much in your face. We give you the tricks to get it. Surgical alternatives or professional cosmetics procedures are an option for many women who want to conceal the passage of time on their eyes, but thankfully ...

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Tips to care for your Hair Extensions with Clip

care for hair extensions

Hair Extensions are fabulous! Makes you look even more beautiful than they already are, you can lengthen and give volume to hair in minutes, without having to wait months for it to grow. They are super comfortable and very easy to put on thanks to the clips, you can put on and off whenever you want. There are different types ...

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Prepare your skin for winter!

prepare skin

Although we believe that in winter the skin is more than ever and is in summer when enjoying a unique health is not the rest of the year, there are times when the opposite occurs. The fact that during the hot months the dermis is exposed daily in the sun and almost all hours of the day, since reflects it ...

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Tips to increase the volume of your hair

increase hair volume

Having straight hair often compromises the volume of our hair. We know, that’s why we give you some tips to help you show off volume of your hair. Many girls with smooth or straight hair complain about the lack of volume of this type of hair, which constantly require care to not always look lumpy. Fortunately there are several simple ...

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Extend your summer tan easily

summer tan

A few days on the beach or in the mountains and our skin loses the horrible whitish color that accompanies us throughout the winter. We know that too much sun is harmful and should never expose it without protection, but it is true that in the right amount gives us a nice skin tone, that makes us more beautiful. The ...

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